Who are we?

Romuald Messina


Romuald Messina is recognized as a specialist in business intelligence and technology monitoring with over 25 years of experience. He was recruited from France to work at BRP in Sherbrooke in 2008 to manage the business intelligence department of the division Parts Accessories and Clothing. A large part of his career has been spent in major international companies, such as Air Liquide, where he was in charge of the technology watch department of the global R&D department in 1999; Schneider Electric in 2005 to create the competitive intelligence department of the Strategy and Procurement Department at the corporate level.

His team describes him as :

An excellent communicator and a diplomatic person with whom it is easy to talk. He is always ready to listen and knows how to put others at ease. Romuald is an information double agent, but above all, he is the best dressed person on the team.

Karine Giguère


After studies in medical laboratory and biology, Karine worked for 10 years as a project manager and laboratory manager in various research and development projects within the food and veterinary sectors. She then embarked on an entrepreneurial path by starting and running her organic vegetable farm for 5 years. Following the completion of a B.A.A. in management in 2016, she worked with a startup company of the ACET in the medical devices sector. In 2018 she decided to join the iA7 team as an analyst.

Her team describes her as :

A meticulous lady with a phenomenal memory. Karine is an empathetic person and is always in a good mood. Whether she is at work or at home in her beloved garden, she always pays great attention to detail.

Hugo Shooner


Hugo holds a master's degree in business intelligence from the University of Sherbrooke and an academic background in computer science. He is both a technician and a specialist in information management. He has worked in web and software development at Euratechnologies, a major business incubator located in France. His career path then led him to BRP in Sherbrooke as a control system analyst, as well as to market planning in Europe and Mexico. He also worked in retail and personnel management for several years. He joined the iA7 team in 2019.

His team describes him as :

A curious, persevering and dedicated man as well as the friend you can always count on. In addition to being funny, he's the office weasel and an innately funny prankster. Hugo is a top-level computer Mr. Fixit and the fake athlete of the group.

Jean-Christophe Peters


Jean-Christophe began his career as a sales representative almost 30 years ago. He subsequently held positions as sales director, general manager and management consultant in the New England and Quebec territories. He has also worked for small and medium sized businesses such as Pierquip and Granit Design as well as multinationals such as Datamark Systems and Griffith Laboratories. During his career, Jean-Christophe has worked as an analyst and management consultant in several fields such as printing, food and transportation. From 2013 to 2018, he had his own consulting firm. He joined the iA7 team in 2019.

His team describes him as :

A man of intuition, he is also very determined and has ice in his veins. Jean-Christophe is a generous and loyal person, both at work and outside of it. He is also a great sportsman and an avid football fan.

To join our team

Please send your CV to : rmessina@ia7.ca